Crown Reduction

Reducing the height and/or spread of the crown whilst keeping the natural shape of the tree

Crown Thinning

Removing some of the crowns density to allow more light through and reduce wind resistance


Removing all growth leaving knuckles for new shoots to sprout from. Carried out for various reasons including too much weight, too large or other obstacles in the vicinity

Tree Removal/Felling

Unwanted, dead or dangerous trees you want removed? This can include a straight fell if the space allows, or climb and dismantle if it doesn't

Tree Surgery

Pruning and treating of trees in order to preserve them


New trees, old trees, diseased trees, bad ground etc can all require a tree to be braced. There are multiple types of bracing, get in touch to find out what is best for the situation

Tree Care

Carrying out the best job for the preservation and lifespan of the tree

Tree Waste Removal

Taking away all our waste, plus if you have tree waste if your own, we can come and take that away as well

Stump Grinding

After felling you will be left with a stump, if you have plans to do something with that area, we can grind the stump out

Storm Damage and Emergency Callout

Trees down or damaged and creating a hazard after a storm? We can come and make safe and then advise on work to be carried out

Hedge Cutting/Laying

Annual hedge trimming, neatening area, or would like a hedge, we undertake all aspects of hedge management from laying to annual maintenance


If you would like a new tree in your garden, let us know what tree and where and leave the rest to us


From planting to felling, weed management to spraying, clearing work to ride widening, we have forestry covered

Woodland Management

This can include managing for timber production, conservation of wildlife and biodiversity in a woodland. We can advise and recommend ideas to assist in the purpose of a woodland

Tree Surveys/Consultation

Whether it be woodland surveys for production or singular tree surveys for health and status of a tree, our advice can help you

Garden Clearance

We can remove all unwanted plants, weeds etc from your garden to tidy it up

Lawn Mowing

Lawn need a fresh trim? We can do it when needed or at regular intervals


As well as lawn mowing, we can strim the areas the mower won't go

Weed Killing

We can either dig them up, scrape them back, or spray chemical to kill them completely, either way your weeds will be no more


Want to change up your garden a bit? We can help with ideas or use a plan of your own

Regular Maintenance

Gardens need to be cared for to look their best and they need to be cared for regularly, let us take this out of your hands


Have no lawn or your lawn dead or on the way out, we'll reinstate it for you

Garden Makeover

Want a new garden entirely, let us give your garden a garden makeover

Anything Else?

Unsure whether or not we can do the work you require? Contact us to have a discussion, book a no obligation quote or a free consultation, we look forward to hearing from you