Felling dead Ash trees alongside footpaths for safety reasons

Ride widening in a woodland to allow more sunlight to reach the footpath to dry it out

Felling invasive Rhododendron and spraying the stumps with Glyphosate (Round Up)

Woodland surveys for timber production

Woodland surveys to keep up to date with how native broadleaf trees are doing locally

Re staking a planted plot

Planting native broadleaf trees for timber production

Hedge trimming a Leylandii block

Felling an Ash tree with basal decay at risk of coming over in the next storm, took the crown out first due to proximity of house

On the deck

Crown lifting using a MEWP along a road where lorries have been striking low limbs

Planting a Hornbeam hedge

Using eco-plugs to kill a Holly stump after we felled it

Removing dead limbs from a Sycamore

Takedown due to Ganoderma at the base causing an unstable tree

Basal decay caused by Ganoderma, removed tree as it was very unstable and at risk of coming over in strong winds